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After an unfortunate accident involving time travel and multi
dimensional paradoxes, our heroes now find themselves trying to survive
a never ending horde of duck crab abominations. One hero has found
himself left with only the power of the pen and has to draw to help his
material friend to survive. The other hero finds himself staring down
duckcrabs face to beak with extremely powerful guns.

One player plays using a normal controller of any kind, the other player uses either a mouse or preferably a stylus on a drawing tablet.

Controller Controls:
Left trigger: alt-fire
Right trigger: fire
Left thumbstick: movement
Right thumbstick: aim

Mouse/Stylus Controls:
Left mouse button / pen down: draw
Right + left mouse buttons / top button + pen down: erase
Middle mouse button / bottom button: switch ink type


DuckSurvivalSupreme.zip 57 MB

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